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Dedicated care for your diabetes

Foot care is critical for anyone with diabetes, but particularly more so if you have numbness or tingling, changes in the shape of your toes or feet, or sores and cuts that do not seem to heal.

 •  Diabetic ulcers

 •  Diabetic neuropathy

 •  Diabetic shoes

 •  Corn treatment

 •  Callus treatment

 •  Circulation

 •  Diabetic wound care

Diabetic foot care services:

Dealing with diabetes can be hard enough, so finding the right shoe that fits your foot and your lifestyle is important.


The deeper toe area in diabetic shoes helps to prevent corns or calluses from forming. We offer you men's and women's boots, sandals, walking shoes and dress shoes.

Comfortable shoes that fit you

Surgery is an option right in our office, with an operating room built into our suite. Get all of your care in one place.

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Nursing home and in-home visits.


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