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Improving poor circulation in your feet

A number of diseases can prevent proper blood flow and cause poor circulation in your feet and legs. Lifestyle choices may impact you as well. We are here to help you with your concerns.

 •  Muscle cramping in hip, thigh, calf after exercise

 •  Numbness or weakness

 •  Coldness

 •  Improper wound healing

 •  Change in skin color

 •  Slow growth of toenails

 •  Hair loss/poor growth on feet and legs

Symptoms of poor circulation:

Chronic vascular insufficiency needs proper treatment, with a focus on decreasing your pain and disability.


There are treatment options when it comes to CVI, including proper lifestyle tips and advice for making healthy choices. We will consult with you to find what works.

Treating vascular insufficiency

Solving your circulation problems.


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